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Installing CoderTool's Software onto a USB Memory Key
USB Compatible Install once use everywhere. CoderTool's software can now be installed onto a USB memory key so that it can be used on all your computers. Software supporting USB Key installation:
  • TotalEdit v4.1 and above
The following instructions apply to all CoderTool's software and TotalEdit will be used as an example.
Installing CoderTool's software onto a USB Memory Key
  1. If you haven't already done so download and install TotalEdit onto your computer.
  2. Assuming that you used all of the installation's defaults TotalEdit will have been installed to "c:\program files\codertools\totaledit std".
  3. Find TotalEdit in your Program listing and click on the application to start it.
  4. As soon as it starts you will be prompted to enter your license key. Enter your license key and press "Unlock". TotalEdit is now ready to be used and you will not be prompted to enter your key again. You can close TotalEdit Pro and continue installing the application onto your USB Memory Key.
  5. Insert your USB Memory key into your computer and make sure that you have at least 10 Mb of free space.
  6. Using Windows Explorer open the folder c:\program files\codertools and look for the folder called TotalEdit.
  7. Right-click the mouse on the folder called TotalEdit to open the menu and select Copy.
  8. Next select your USB Key from the list of available drives found in Windows Explorer.
  9. Now you need to right-click the mouse anywhere in the list of files found on your USB Memory Key and select Paste.
  10. As soon as all files are copied the installation is complete. Now you can disconnect your USB Memory Key and use it on any of your computers.
  11. To use TotalEdit on another computer plug your USB Memory Key into it. Now find the "TotalEdit Std" folder and once found locate the file called TEditStd.exe.
  12. To start TotalEdit double-click the left mouse button on the file TEditStd.exe and the program will start immediately.
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