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Need help upgrading from TotalEdit v5.5?

On some copies of Windows Vista and Windows 7 problems have been reported when upgrading to TotalEdit Pro 2012. The problem is related to the uninstall of TotalEdit Pro v5.5 but thankfully all is not lost. We have written a program, which will remove TotalEdit Pro v5.5.1 from your computer.
Use the following instructions to manually remove TotalEdit Pro v5.5.1 from your computer
  1. Download the manual removal tool from Codertools at Manual Removal Tool
  2. Unzip the file to your desktop. You will now see a file called TotalEditRemove.exe. This program has been written especially to remove TotalEdit Pro v5.5.1. It will delete all facets of the program.
  3. Now double-click on TotalEditRemove.exe to run the program. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, you will need to run this program as an administrator. The following screen shot demonstrates this step;
    how to use the run-as command
  4. The program will start. There are two steps to uninstall TotalEdit Pro v5.5.1. Begin by clicking the first button found at the top of the program window. This will uninstall the Windows Explorer context menu. You will need to restart your computer after this step.
  5. Once your computer has restarted. Re-run the program and if needed run as admin. Now click on the second button, which will remove the rest of TotalEdit Pro from your computer. When complete a message will report that TotalEdit Pro has been uninstalled.
  6. You can now delete the and TotalEditRemove.exe files from your computer.
  7. If upgrading, you can now proceed with installing the new version.
1/21/2018 6:03:06 PM
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