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Connect to remote servers using FTP or SSH (SFTP). Such as editing HTML files directly on your remote web servers.   Supported Feature
Query and analyze databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL   Supported Feature
Enhanced Search Facilities   Supported Feature
Enhanced Auto Completion for HTML Web Editing   Supported Feature
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CoderTools TotalEdit Product Features

Product Features

» File Editing and Tools » Built-in Tool & Explorers
» Project Explorer » Customization & Configuration
» Search & Replace » Macros
» Printing & Preview » Backup & Version Comparison
» Formatting » Spell Checker
» Additional Features » USB Memory Key Support
» Syntax Color Formatting » Column Editing
File Editing and Tools
Unicode support. Edit both Unix and Microsoft Unicode formats also known as Little-Endian and Big-Endian. There is also support for UTF-8 and you can explicity identify the script/chacterset to use. For example when selecting a font you declare to include Hebrew or Arabic additions
Broad range of cut, copy, insert, delete and paste functions to target individual text, lines, and append
Menu commands to insert Date, Time, Current File Name and Current File Path
Language or code language specific document commenting
Switch between the desired line-endings and document encoding. The editor support Windows, Unix and Mac line ending formats plus Standard, ITF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF16-BE encoding types
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Built-in Tools & Explorers
Add external tools and assign a menu item and keyboard shortcut to it.  Enhance with built-in commands to target tool output to a document or dedicated window plus pass the active file path to it
File Comparison.  Compare two files to visually witness the differences between the two.

File comparison supports the following:

  • Compare two different files
  • Compare the active document with a different file
  • Compare the last saved version with a different file
  • Compare the active document with its last saved version

Hex (Binary) Editor.  Edit program and other types of file using the hex editor

Explorer Windows that aid the editing of any document including;

  • Project Manager

    Target any folder on your computer to gain quick and easy access to your files. Multiple directories can be declared, which can be selected to quickly view a different set of files. For example you can create a different folder for each project and manage the files separately

  • File System Explorer
  • Open File List
  • HTML and ASCII Lists to help with web page creation
  • Find In Files

    Search all files on your computer for words and phrases from inside of TotalEdit Pro

  • Tool Output

    Any output of an external tool configured to run inside of TotalEdit Pro can be sent to this window

  • Code Function List Explorer

    Automatically scans programming files for its functions to aid with navigation through the active document

    If the function list is supported pressing Ctrl+Space will open an auto-complete list of functions to help with coding

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Project Explorer
The Project Management Explorer allows you to view a single directory on your computer. You can organize, create, delete files and folders, which is immediately reflected on your computer
Quickly switch between any number of folders setup in the project explorer
Use folders to aid with the organization of your files
Add and remove files from the Project Management Explorer
Drag and drop any file or subfolder inside of the project explorer
Quickly open any file by double-clicking on it
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Customization & Configuration
Every built in function and command can be assigned a button on the application&pos;s toolbar
Show, Hide or minimize any docked window
Add or remove tabs assigned to each document
Change the orientation of the document tabs
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Toolbars and their buttons
  • Create your own toolbars
  • Add and remove any menu item
  • Switch between large and small toolbar buttons
  • Plug-in external tools and assign menu items and toolbar buttons to them
Configuration editor options
  • Control how tab characters should be added to your files.  Either as Spaces or tab characters
  • Control how large a tab show be displayed in the editor
  • Highlight the line with the active cursor (caret) resides and configure its color and transparency
  • Configure the use of header, footer and line number during printing
  • Enable the remembering of files on close.  Automatically open these file when TotalEdit starts
  • Edit the file extension in the open and save windows
  • Edit the colors used by the syntax highlighting
  • Select a default syntax coloring scheme
  • Select the default spell checker dictionary
  • Enable the resetting of the undo history on save
  • Enable file backing up
  • Change the window style and design of TotalEdit
  • Add a long line marker. For example identify where the 80th column is located
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Search & Replace
Search and replace using regular expressions
Multiline search and replace.  Search for text that is split across one or more lines by using the ^n string to represent a line break
Wrap around searches. Search the entire document regardless of where you start your query
Select between searching upward or downward through your document
Search the entire document or just a selection
Replace All.  Change all found copies of your search text with a new value
Find and replace using regular expressions
Search of any value stored in all files found on your computer.  Limit your search or specific folders or include everything
Search all open documents and read the results in a dedicated window.
Quickly jump to the file and line of text found by Find-in-Files through the results window
Case sensitive searches
Bookmark all found results
Quickly navigate to last selected text through menu and toolbar buttons
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Record all file editing tasks into Macros and save
View all saved macros and replay at any time
Assign a keyboard shortcut to any macro
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Printing & Preview
Full color print preview
Add header, footer and line numbers to printed output
Internet browser preview of text documents
Full color printing
Automatic line wrapping of any printed output.  Also seen in the print preview
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Backup & Version Comparison
Three different file backup modes including:
  • On save do not back up the file
  • Simple Backup: backup the last saved file and append the .bak extension to it. The bak file is saved to the same folder
  • Advanced Backup: Configure the number of versions that you would like to persist. For example each time a file is saved the file on disk will be backed up to a designated location. Afterward the active document can be compared with any past saved version
Advanced backup: Configure the number of backup version associated with a file
Advanced backup: Specify the location where backups are saved
Advanced backup: Configure the deletion of back files each time TotalEdit closes or by command
Advanced backup: Review document back history and compare with the active document
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Text Formatting
Menu commands;
To change any document text by the following means
  • Change text to upper and lower case
  • Swap tabs for spaces and spaces for tabs
  • Remove trailing spaces
  • Swap selected lines
  • Add and remove indentation
  • Format with built-in HTML, XHTML and XML tidy.  This is configurable
  • Programmatically comment and uncomment text
Text and column select
Word wrap
Configure syntax highlighting and switch between many syntax coloring styles
Highlight white space
Highlight line endings
Caret line to highlight current cursor position
Line numbering
Code folding and lines to highlight matching braces
Bolding of matching and non-matching braces to aid with programming
Horizontal rulers
Configurable font
Long line marker, which is configurable
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Spell Checker
Select a dictionary to check with through TotalEdit's Properties
Check an individual word, phrase or entire document
Add words to your own private dictionary for future use
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Additional Features
Email the active document
Context menu integration with Windows File Explorer
Menu commands to open and close documents quickly
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USB Memory Key Support
TotalEdit can now be installed onto a USB Memory key and used across all your computers without installation. Once installed onto your desktop computer all you need to do is copy TotalEdit's program files onto you USB memory key.
Now whenever you need to edit a file on a computer that doesn't have TotalEdit installed; plug your USB memory key into the computer and double-click on TEditStd.exe to start TotalEdit.
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Syntax Color Formatting
Preconfigured with a large array of file types from Programming languages, Database code, text editing and others TotalEdit delivers a broad range of options that enable you to highlight any document using color and text formatting. Formatting including bold, italic and underline, which can be used to highlight different words and phrases.
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Column Editing
Select a column of text
Sort any selected column of text
Insert delimited columns into the active file. Configure any delimiter
Insert any prefix before each row in a column
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