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CSS Lists - Use many HTML Elements as List-Items using the Display Command.


You can turn many html elements into list items using the display property. For example, you can use span, div and p tags as list items instead of the li tag.
        display: list-item;
See also: list-style, list-style-image, list-style-type, list-style-position.
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Examples for display: list-item

Example 1:

Interestingly this example shows that any element can be a list item by specifying a display value of list-item. This example shows a div, span and p tag as list items and as such the list-style-image property works with the span tag to show the image as the bullet. The bullet is normally shown to the left of the element because the default of list-style-position is outside so I have specified the value of inside this makes sure the list item appears within the main content area

item 1
item 2

item 3

The code:

        #test1 {  display: list-item; list-style-image: url(images/bullet.gif); list-style-position: inside; }

    <div id="test1">item 1</div>
    <span id="test1">item 2</span>
    <p id="test1">item 3</p>

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