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Previous TotalEdit release information

Previous versions of TotalEdit

TotalEdit v5.4.9

  • Fixed - Popup dialog/window bug, which could cause the application to crash
  • Fixed - Project explorer directory combobox not switching folders correctly
  • Fixed - macro's not saving correctly
  • Word wrap and long line marker now work together
  • Reset search history
  • Special characters are now included when selecting words. For example the $ will now be automatically highlighted when selecting a variable in Perl
  • Bug fix: XML parser was not coloring documents properly
  • Bug fix: New document tabs were not appended to the right
  • Bug fix: The editor context menu did not reflect any edits made to it
  • Bug fix: Auto complete of HTML and XML attributes was not working properly
  • Bug fix: Column editor was not inserting columns properly

TotalEdit 5.3

  • Customise the editor mouse right-click context menu
  • Edit the font of each style assigned to a syntax-colouring configuration
  • Shortcut for toggling the case of a selected value
  • From the command prompt use wild-cards to open files in TotalEdit
  • Colouring files for TCL and VHD
  • CSS file extension has been added as a default file open filter
  • Remove blank lines function
  • Refresh web preview toolbar button
  • Ruby support for the code function list viewer
  • Toggle to support the wrapping of document tabs across multiple lines
  • Added a default style to all syntax-colouring files
  • Rename the active document
  • Cursor colour will now be the same as the default text
  • Change the sort order of the code function list
  • Toggle to force open all files as text when the auto-detect option is selected
  • Bug fix: The auto-complete popup was positioning itself over the current line
  • Bug fix: Save-As dialog, the selected file filter would be appended to the file name even if one had been manually applied
  • Bug fix: Pressing the Esc button when renaming a file in the project explorer did not cancel the operation
  • Bug fix: Windows Explorer context menu item did not work on 64 bit Windows

TotalEdit 5.2.8

  • Updated ruler with cursor highlighting
  • Bug Fix: Find in Files results. When double-clicking a result the editor would not correct highlight the found word.
  • Bug Fix: Autocad AutoLISP files were case-sensitive
  • Bug Fix: The setup program was not asking for elevated permissions needed to install onto Microsoft Vista

TotalEdit 5.2.4

  • Open files in the hex view from the project explorer
  • Autocad support for AutoLISP and DCL
  • Fullscreen view mode
  • Additional options for managing files within the Open File List
  • Option to close all files
  • Save the file open order, which on startup is used for reopening files
  • Assign shortcuts to Macros
  • Refresh the web preview from a button
  • HTML Toolbar to help building HTML web pages
  • Auto-complete (Intelli-sense)
  • Automatically close HTML and XML tags
  • New setup program to help with future upgrades
  • Translation in German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Display the HEX of the current character on the status bar
  • Reference the current Project List Directory from external tools
  • Argument builder for creating commands to be passed to external tools
  • Sort any selected text
  • Print selected text
  • Resizable File open and save dialogs
  • Spell check threw an error when there was nothing to check
  • File path was truncated when multiple files were opened from the File Open dialog
  • File encoding was not correctly detected when opening multiple files from the File Open dialog
  • Cursor position was not remembered when reopening or reloading a file
  • A general error was thrown when a file could not be opened. The file was not identified in the error
  • Carriage-return and line-feed characters were included within the Find-in-Files results
  • Document tab position was not being saved
  • Project List would throw an error when opening a file, which had been created through it
  • An error could be throw when deleting a macro
  • Upgrading TotalEdit would delete application settings from a previous version
  • Find-in-files dialog did not remember the last used settings
  • Hex view find did not work when searching with the case-insensitive ascii option

TotalEdit 5.0.8

  • The Full Pathname to an open document is now shown as a Tooltip when the mouse is hovering over the document tab.
  • You can now type special spoken language-specific characters. E.g. Central European Latin-2 characters.
  • Edit the width of the caret or use a block to highlight each character instead.
  • Find-in-Files:
    • Search all open files using the Find-in-Files tool. All finds are reported in a dedicated results window.
    • Double-clicking a Find-in-Files result will goto to the file and line where the search phrase was found. It will now highlight the phrase too.
    • Find-in-Files window can now be left open and does not need to be closed to review search results or to edit a document.
    • Search results can be copied to the clipboard.
    • Search results can be saved to a text file.
    • The last used search parameters are now saved.
    • You can now navigate through the search results using the keyboard. By default pressing Ctrl-Shift-B will move between each result and this key combination can be changed.
    • Each search records its results to a dedicated. Search results can now be easily and visually compared.
  • Redesign of the Syntax color editor, including:
    • The background color of the document can now be changed.
    • Preview how each style will be applied from within the Editor properties window.
    • Apply Bold, Italic and Underline formatting individually to each style.
  • Now decide if you want all line-endings to be updated when switching between the Line-Ending types on the Format menu.
  • Open the first or last 1Mb of any file to speed up the opening of large files, which only need to be viewed and not edited.
  • Choose to save the Byte Order Mark (BOM) inside of Unicode encoded text documents.
  • Windows Explorer update. Open all selected files inside a single instance of TotalEdit.
  • Column Editor including:
    • Create a column using a single phrase (E.g. a comma or a word).
    • Create a column using a number and specify an increment.
    • Create multiple columns in the entire document specifying the text to use in order to create the column and the width.
  • Visual Basic Script Updates:
    • Class name is prefixed onto the functions inside of the code explorer. Easily identify what Class_Initialize belongs to each class.
    • Code-Folding enhancement to that Classes, IF Statements and Loops can now be folded.
  • Macros can now be executed from the menu rather than openning up the Macro Dialog.
  • Tool Execution: Option to save the active file before running the tool.
  • External File Modification. When a file is modified outside of TotalEdit you can now choose to:
    • Ignore the external file modification.
    • Automatically reload the document after it has been externally modified.
    • Prompt to reload the document after it has been externally modified.
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio style ctrl-tabbing between documents.
  • Changing a view option in print-preview mode nolonger causes the application to crash.
  • Slow closing performance when exiting TotalEdit and whilst running from a USB key.
  • Intermitent loss of file filters.
  • Document reload function would only work on modified files.
  • You can now associate a shortcut with an external tool. Review the customize menu option for more details.
  • The file explorer can now be refreshed when no documents are open.
  • Bug fix: Leaving files open in TotalEdit will no longer override any Windows Explorer "Open" command. Both remembered and Open action files will be opened.
  • Bug fix: Icons associated with external tools now appear on the Tools menu.
  • Open the command prompt from the Project window context menu.
  • Bug fix: Ascii documents saved as Unicode or UTF-8 will by default have a BOM.
  • Bug fix: Assigning a new shortcut to a tool will now remove its old one.
  • Bug fix: Opening the same file from Windows Explorer as a remembered file caused TotalEdit to crash.
  • Bug fix: Project directory drop down will now show more than one item.
  • Bug fix: If a message box reporting an external file modification is ignored, Additional external modifications will not cause more message boxes to be prompted.
  • Version number has been synchronized with TotalEdit Pro.

TotalEdit 4.3

This version added:
  • Bug fix: The look & feel was being reset back to the Win 2000 mode whenever a change was made to the General Settings More property page
  • Bug fix: Add & remove option to manage the Windows Explore context menu item did not work
  • Bug fix: When editing Unicode documents that contained symbol characters like Chinese TotalEdit did not present them properly. The document was not affected but the presentation could contain phantom English characters

TotalEdit 4.2.2

This version added:
  • File Backup Enhancements. Choose either
    • Do not back up the file on each save
    • Simple backup where a copy of the file is made in the same directory and suffixed with .bak
    • Advanced backup where multiple backups/versions of a file can be made, compared, and saved
  • Project Explorer has been completely redesigned
    • Nominate directories to view a portion of your computer. E.g. my documents
    • Add new, insert existing, move, delete, compare, copy path to clipboard
  • Open file list (Document Selector)
  • Removed the template explorer, which was not used
  • Redesigned the menus to aid usability and highlight existing functionality
  • Bolding of matched brackets
  • Open locked files like service logs
  • Configurable vertical line to mark a column position
  • Edit the line ending and encoding at any time. Traditionally this could only be changed in the save-as dialog
  • Enable transparency on the find, replace and goto dialogs
  • More file comparison options
    • Compare active with saved
    • Compare active with any other file
    • Compare saved with any other file
  • Ondemand Reload of the active document
  • Auto-complete when the Code function list is populated (Ctrl+Space)
  • When selecting font you can now Identify the characterset that you would like to use, E.h. ShiftJIS or Central European
  • Bug fix: Buffer overrun when open files with other 256k of continuous text caused TotalEdit Pro to crash
  • Bug fix: Scroll bar correctly sizes itself based on the number of rows returned in the database output
  • Bug fix: Thread handling in function list that could lead to crashes
  • Bug fix: The selected end-of-line was not being correctly set when files were saved. The editor defaulted to the Windows standard of crlf
  • Bug fix: Double-click action on list explorer was not working
  • Bug fix: Window maximizing by default after initial install prevented the application from being resized
  • Bug fix: Window flashing when the application first started
  • Bug fix: Comparing unicode files could cause crashes
  • Bug fix: Code folding in VB and VBScript files
  • Bug fix: Use of spell checker causing high CPU usage and hanging
  • Bug fix: Replacing with some regular expression functions lead to the entire document being deleted. E.g. Find ^ Replace-with --

TotalEdit 4.1

This version added:
  • TotalEdit is USB Key friendly. It can be copied onto a USB Key and used on any computer and without installation. Learn How to run TotalEdit from a USB Key.
  • Splash screen has been removed.
  • Apply a different background color to any document identified through the syntax color configurator.
  • Change the document encoding at any time whilst editing a file.
  • Fixed: Character rendering where non-English characters would not display properly.
  • Fixed: Windows Explorer menu item so that any existing instance of TotalEdit will be used rather than launching a new copy to view the selected file.
  • Fixed: Speller checker performance issue affecting Microsoft Vista.

TotalEdit 4.0

This version added:
  • Multi-line Find & Replace
  • Brand-new configurable Look & Feel
  • Configurable Spell Checker
  • UTF-8 presentation enhancements. Unknown characters are now presented as their character code as opposed to a square

TotalEdit 3.90

This version added:
  • Auto-updating Code Function Explorer
  • Improved long line presentation
  • Horizontal & Vertical Rulers

TotalEdit 3.80

This version added:
  • Keyboard Macros
  • Embedded Web browser

TotalEdit 3.60

I'm very pleased to announce version 3.60. This new version is for Vista compatibility. TotalEdit now works on all version of Vista.

With one small exception: on x64 the TotalEdit menu option on the windows explorer context menu is not appearing.
Two bugs have also been fixed:
  • Error when adding new from a template
  • Crash on close when have previously pressed cancel on the document close message box

TotalEdit 3.50

We are pleased to announce the following changes as part of release 3.50:
  • Added new coloring files: Python, Perl, Pascal, Ruby.
  • Modified coloring files: internet, sql, java, javascript.
  • Added cold folding marker.
  • Default file open directory to last opened file.
  • Context menu now opens files in an existing TotalEdit instance.
  • Right click on an inactive document in the tab window now works.
  • Code folding and wordwrap settings remain after document save.
  • Added license key dialog launch from Aboutbox
  • Faster launch when File Explorer is not enabled.
If you have a license key for version 3.0 or 3.01 then that license key will work with 3.50. Your license key is valid for all current and future 3.xx versions of TotalEdit.

TotalEdit 3.01

Announcing TotalEdit 3.01
This is a minor release includes the following changes:
  • Find In Files function enhanced to remember choice of file type
  • Find In Files window enhanced for better display on Windows 2000

TotalEdit 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of TotalEdit 3.0. This replaces our earlier text editor Doodle 2.0 and includes significant upgrades. As the tool is such a step forward we decided it deserved a new name.

We have also revamped the website and upgraded the forum. We hope you like the changes. As always please let us have your feedback.

The following new features have been added to TotalEdit:
  • Code Folding
  • Word Wrap
  • Column Selection
  • Find In Files
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